Friday, January 13, 2012

Let Down Your Hair - Top 5 Night Clubs In Britain

Britain is not just about pubs and taverns. The country is home to some of the world's best nightclubs as well. Boasting superior sound systems, multiple dance floors and the best DJs from all over the globe, these venues will get your feet kicking and heart thumping any night of the week.

1. Ministry of Sound - London

Ministry of Sound is one of the most famous nightclubs in the world and it celebrated 20 years of existence last year. This iconic nightclub's claim to fame is its bone-shattering sound system, which was the main draw for patrons even in its early days. Located in decidedly unglamorous Southwark, its rich history of being able to draw America's hottest house DJs, coupled with a dedication to spanning the global dance scene, makes it a permanent fixture on anyone's top nightclubs list. Inspired by the Paradise Garage of New York, it has 5 main rooms to get lost in and a sprung floor to help you through long hours of foot stomping.

2.Fabric - London

Fabric is perhaps the most well known and respected nightclub for electronic music. Another club renowned for its sound system, it draws the most ardent fans of electro and rave giving the place an exciting atmosphere. The maze-like space houses three rooms in minimalist styling, while the eclectic line-ups make the club a hit with everyone, from over-eager students to bug-eyed tourists. While Friday usually features drum and bass and hip-hop, Saturday and Sunday sees techno, house and electro.

3. club Aquarium - London

This is the club for the more mature but just as wild set. The 7os and (8os music on Saturdays attract those ready to head into nostalgia and laugh at themselves while Fridays feature eastern European and commercial pop music. For the rest of the week, the DJs play a mix of electro, house and techno beats With a slightly underwater theme, the venue features two dance floors, four bars and a lounge. This club has a reputation for being friendly and welcoming.

4. Garlands - Liverpool

This gay friendly nightclub is quirky and camp and doesn't take itself too seriously. Located on popular Eberle Street, the feel-good funky vibe attracts anyone that dares to be different. It features four rooms, each playing its own music ranging from disco to progressive house and electro, and a bar to rest your feet at. Drag queens with props may make a sudden appearance to remind you to immerse yourself in the madness.

5. Sankeys - Manchester

Reopened in a new avatar, Sankeys makes a statement in nightclub tech wizardry, with a Phazon sound system, disco LED lights and barcode entry. However, what keeps the patrons coming back is its all-inclusive music policy. From house and urban music to deep tribal sounds, nothing will escape the club's net. The venue features a main dance floor, a softly lit bar, an outdoor smoking terrace and a lounge space with a large movie screen. The unusual floor plan makes it possible to find a place to have a conversation, something that's rare in most nightclubs.

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