Tuesday, January 31, 2012

3 Ways For Screenwriters To Gain Credibility in a Query Letter

Producers produce, writers write. You need to establish your credibility if possible in your query letter to assure the producers that it is worth their time to read your script. I don't want my electrician asking me how he should go about getting the job done or asking my assistance answering electrical issues - that's why I hired him. Similarly, producers feel better and have greater confidence in writers and their screenplays if the writers exhibit a firm grasp for their field and what they're writing about.

1. Mention Something You've Had Produced

If you have had a script produced legitimately, that should be placed in the opening of the letter. This is where you can name-drop anything associated with it to legitimize it. This does NOT include a producer saying they "think it's great" but passed on it. They obviously didn't like it enough to option it.

Same goes for when someone options your screenplay. Don't tell a producer that the script you're talking to them about has already been optioned and shopped around town. This will not appeal to them.

However, if you had a different script optioned by a legit producer (not the script you're writing about in this letter), then you can mention that early on as part of your bio. Writing

2. Contests or Awards You've Won

Placing in the Top 5 or 10 of a contest or winning awards also tells the producer a bit of screening has been done on your script and that someone who reads a lot of scripts seem to like it.

However, be careful about mentioning where you placed in contests if you weren't in the Top 10%. If you state that you made it to the quarter-finals and nothing more, that actually detracts from your credibility because there were clearly many more that were better than yours.

Make your award or contest sound the best it can by how you present the accurate statistics. For example, if you placed fourth in the Nicholl Fellowship, you could say you placed fourth, but this reminds us that there were 3 that were definitely better. Instead, state it as a round number and say that you were "In the Top 5." If you know how many entries there were, you could even say "out of x" number of entries.

3. Respected Screenwriting Training and Script Development

When I do a screenplay consultation, the first question I ask my screenwriter is "What is your background and training? How did you learn to write screenplays?"

Their answer gives me an introduction to what I'm going to get when I read their script. The fact is, I've read scripts from writers who completed 2 years of an intensive screenwriting program who still had a long way to go - and I've read scripts from writers who mostly studied on their own and were surprisingly good.

But in a borderline situation with a producer who is not convinced they want to read your script, strong training might help push them over the edge.

If you don't have anything that can give you credibility, then don't put anything, just leave them wondering. It's better not to put anything than to put something that has little value because then they will know, for sure, that you have no better credibility.

So there you have it - three possible ways to enhance your credibility in your query letter bio. Ultimately, your bio needs to move them forward in reading your script and, if possible, to even color their experience positively before they read it.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Finding the Right Piece of Contemporary Art for Your Office or Home

When attempting to purchase art for your home or office it is important that you choose something that not only conveys who you are, but that it also embraces the identities of others that are around. Making the effort to create an environment in which everyone is able to take something away will make for a very effective piece of art.

In no time at all, you should find that you are able to put up something that is truly magical by taking the time to find a piece of art that meets your needs. There are a number of different providers of these sorts of pieces, so do not hesitate to look around at all of the different options you have. Whether it is something more abstract or something strictly contemporary it is important to know what sort of an impression it will have on other people.

With just a bit of research you can figure out exactly what type of art will best compliment the overall mood of your office. With the consideration of others going into your choices you should see a marked amount of awe in the eyes of those who enter your home/office. There is virtually no limit to the amount of unique art that is available if you are willing to look for it. Writing down what type of emotions and impacts you are wanting to evoke should help you to accomplish your goals. There is no reason that this is a process you should rush through, and if you do not have the time to do it then hire a professional to help you.

The choice to put a piece of art up for everyone to see is a really big deal, and not something that you should just do idly. It can be a large investment, and as such needs to be regarded with a high degree of respect. If one will just take the time to figure out what type of impact they would like for their purchased art to have it will go a long way. If you are looking for something pleasant that is not going to evoke too much thought or debate then a landscape can be a wonderful idea. If you are looking to evoke some thought in your home then an abstract piece can make a lot of waves.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Let Down Your Hair - Top 5 Night Clubs In Britain

Britain is not just about pubs and taverns. The country is home to some of the world's best nightclubs as well. Boasting superior sound systems, multiple dance floors and the best DJs from all over the globe, these venues will get your feet kicking and heart thumping any night of the week.

1. Ministry of Sound - London

Ministry of Sound is one of the most famous nightclubs in the world and it celebrated 20 years of existence last year. This iconic nightclub's claim to fame is its bone-shattering sound system, which was the main draw for patrons even in its early days. Located in decidedly unglamorous Southwark, its rich history of being able to draw America's hottest house DJs, coupled with a dedication to spanning the global dance scene, makes it a permanent fixture on anyone's top nightclubs list. Inspired by the Paradise Garage of New York, it has 5 main rooms to get lost in and a sprung floor to help you through long hours of foot stomping.

2.Fabric - London

Fabric is perhaps the most well known and respected nightclub for electronic music. Another club renowned for its sound system, it draws the most ardent fans of electro and rave giving the place an exciting atmosphere. The maze-like space houses three rooms in minimalist styling, while the eclectic line-ups make the club a hit with everyone, from over-eager students to bug-eyed tourists. While Friday usually features drum and bass and hip-hop, Saturday and Sunday sees techno, house and electro.

3. club Aquarium - London

This is the club for the more mature but just as wild set. The 7os and (8os music on Saturdays attract those ready to head into nostalgia and laugh at themselves while Fridays feature eastern European and commercial pop music. For the rest of the week, the DJs play a mix of electro, house and techno beats With a slightly underwater theme, the venue features two dance floors, four bars and a lounge. This club has a reputation for being friendly and welcoming.

4. Garlands - Liverpool

This gay friendly nightclub is quirky and camp and doesn't take itself too seriously. Located on popular Eberle Street, the feel-good funky vibe attracts anyone that dares to be different. It features four rooms, each playing its own music ranging from disco to progressive house and electro, and a bar to rest your feet at. Drag queens with props may make a sudden appearance to remind you to immerse yourself in the madness.

5. Sankeys - Manchester

Reopened in a new avatar, Sankeys makes a statement in nightclub tech wizardry, with a Phazon sound system, disco LED lights and barcode entry. However, what keeps the patrons coming back is its all-inclusive music policy. From house and urban music to deep tribal sounds, nothing will escape the club's net. The venue features a main dance floor, a softly lit bar, an outdoor smoking terrace and a lounge space with a large movie screen. The unusual floor plan makes it possible to find a place to have a conversation, something that's rare in most nightclubs.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Self Help Series - 2

There are a lot of individuals who don't have issues with setting goals and accomplishing them, but they're so clueless as to what they wish. You'll wish to make certain that you consider your life in the future. It's very hard to ascertain what you want if you have no idea what it is that you wish. Sometimes it's simply better for you to be able to take a bit of time to research yourself.

You will want to make certain that you think about a few of the goals that you will want to have by the end of your demise. This will give you a new sort of direction with your life.Would you like a loved one?

Would you like to have a six-figure paycheck? What is it that you really want? You'll have to do a lot of self-analysis in order to find the truth. First of all you'll wish to jot down lists of matters that you feel are expected out of you. You'll discover that acquaintances and loved ones have an image that they require their acquaintances and loved ones to obtain. What are the pressures you're under? Once you figure this out, you'll then be able to figure out what it is that you don't want.

Occasionally it's simple to define your goals once you begin considering matters that you wish you didn't have. This will nail down your palette of goals and you'll be able to truly center on what it is that you want. Once you've your goals, you may go and talk to other people about your goals before you begin making any decisions. You might discover that your acquaintances and loved ones will talk some sense into you once it comes to matters like your life success.

You'll wish to take your close acquaintances and loved ones opinions in mind before you make any rash decisions. You'll wish to make certain that you feel strong about the selections that you make and the paths that you pick out. You'll also wish to think about the fact that there's a lot of possibilities to research once it comes to your future life and career.

If you'd truly like to make a difference in your life, then you'll wish to think about the fact that there a lot of matters to research. You'll wish to give yourself the opportunity to make a difference in the way that you see life also.

Once you take some time to research the matters that you're interested in you might end up finding hidden knowledge or a talent that you never knew you had. Once you tap into your reserved pool of knowledge and talent you'll be able to work on defining a mapped route for future success. You'll wish to think about the fact that there are a lot of options and you'll have plenty of fun checking out all options of interest. You'll want to make certain that you give yourself the chance to research all of your selections.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Does A Small Business Fit Into Your Future? Part I

More and more individuals are looking for creative ways to start their own business. With recent layoffs, challenges finding new employment, the loss of retirement as an option for most, and growing frustration for many who work in large corporations, it is a growing trend.

Having and running your own business is very rewarding- for the right person in the right business. It can bring  feelings  of independence, achievement, and pride. You usually work more hours, however you have flexibility in terms of "which hours" you work. You are your own boss and you can shape the direction, decisions, and culture of your  company. You can express your creativity. If you are 100% owner, you can go out of business, but you cannot be fired. You can set the standards for quality without compromise, and you can build a company that brings positive benefits to mankind.

If the idea of having your own business appeals to you, start by interviewing yourself. Think about the kind of life you want for yourself in the coming years. Where would you want  to live? What would you like to learn? How do you want to spend your time? What do you value- i.e. time alone, time with family and friends, travel, creative expression, financial security, making a difference in the world etc.? Do you like influencing people and selling? Do you like working in teams? Do you mind being on-call 7 days/week? What are your skills and gifts? The answers to these questions and others will help you begin a conversation with yourself about what kind of business or indeed "if" a business would be a good fit with who you are and who you want to become.

Some individuals have grown up in a family owned business and have a good feeling for what it takes and whether they thrive in a business setting. Others have had a dream for many years of translating their ideas or creative gifts into a thriving business. Some folks have a side hobby or interest that gradually evolves into a business. The siren song of "getting rich" entices some to start a company. And for some unfortunate folks, it is an "exit strategy" from a work environment they dislike intensely.

Some cautions are in order here. If money is your main driver, it won't sustain you through the early years of a start-up where you will likely run" in the red "while working 24/7. Be sure you have funding to support the business and "you" for 2-3 years as you get going. And if you are seeking escape from your current job, running a business is totally different from being a "skilled employee". (Read the "E-Myth Revisited" by Michael Gerber if you haven't already.)

Think about what motivates you to have your own business. If you are trying to "solve a problem" re to displeasure with your current job, it may just give you more headaches. On the other hand, If you love business, have the skills and the passion, the right personality, and a viable business idea, it may be your ticket to a rewarding future. In part 2, I will talk about the qualities that make for a successful entrepreneur.